0438451 Aladdinns Nite, Gray

0177073 *Aladdinn   Bay SAHR Nureddin   Bay PASP Witraz   Bay PASP Ofir   Bay
Sired *Witez II & Wielki Szlem [the sire of *Ambara who produced US Natl Ch Park Horse Ambra & *Bint Ambara]
PASP Makata   Gray
PASP Norma   Gray PASP Hardy   Bay
Polish Derby winner & undefeated racehorse Hardy and leading sire at the Janow State Stud.
PASP Ferja   Gray
Firestreak's (Dam Line Sahara Or. A) very good daughter Ferja 1924 originated branches thorough her daughters Kasyda 1928, Magia 1931 and Norma 1932 - dam of three broodmares of which 2 were used extensively, particularly Enorme 1944
SAHR Lalage   Gray AHSB Gerwazy   Gray PASP Doktryner   Gray
PASP Gwara   Bay
AHSB Lafirynda   Gray PASP Miecznik   Gray
PASP Lala   Gray
0206382 Snodansk   Gray 0047458 Gdansk   Gray 0025460 *Bask   Bay PASP Witraz   Bay
PASP Balalajka   Gray
0025453 *Gdynia   Gray PASP Comet   Gray
Sire noted for abundant type and unparalleled athleticism. Comet bloodlines are associated with extreme and correct action
PASP Gwozdawa   Gray
0041380 Kornika   Gray - Twice Canadian Breeders Top 6 Mare & Region 17 Top 5 Mare 0030370 *Kirkor   Gray PASP Gwarny   Gray
PASP Carmen   Gray
0030378 *Arnika   Gray PASP Faher   Gray
Grandsire of *Penitent (Polish Natl Ch Stallion) & Etruria (Polish, European, and World Champion Mare)
PASP Arwila   Gray
Dam of *AR Haifi & a significant damline in Poland through Angola

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