Jake & Lori 1998

On the Stern Together

Jake (Jacob Karl Hassel) was born July 14, 1993.   Lori (Lori Jean Hassel) was born May 21, 1995.   Jake started sailing when he was 1 week old & racing at age 10 months.   Lori started sailing and racing when she was 6 weeks old.   They enjoy sailing to places where they can go ashore and play together in the sand.   They also enjoy riding their bikes and playing with their friends.   Their big excitement this summer came from getting their own 1968 vintage sailing dinghy.   Jake & Lori had spent the summer watching the kids participating in the Newport Yacht Club's Junior's Program.   They wanted to sail Optimist Dinghys like the big kids.   Unfortunately, they are not eligible to participate in a Junior's Program until they are 7.   At ages 5 & 3, respectively, Jake and Lori were going to have a long wait.   We gave them their sailing dinghy the night before we started our vacation.   The excited children & their new sailing dinghy went to Cuttyhunk Harbor, Hadley Harbor, Menemsha, & 3rd Beach.   By the end of our vacation Jake & Lori were taking turns at the tiller.

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