South Bay Racing Information

The Race Course

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  • We scanned in a copy of the lower (useful) portion of the 1998 South Bay Race Chart - if you click on the thumbnail picture you will bring up a copy which will print on one page (print only the selected frame).   The 1998 chart is the current chart. The marks are unchanged but some of the courses have changed since the 1992 version.
  • Turning Marks:
    • Special Race Marks: 1, 4, & 8 are yellow plastic barrels.   Mark 3 is a yellow spherical buoy.   Mark Z is the furthest east green channel marker, which marks the channel north-northwest of the Dumplings.   Mark 15 is a white cylinder, with "JYC 15" lettering, which is atop a wider base - the Race Chart shows the approximate location which is N to NE of Potters Cove, about 4 houses North from Potters Cove.
    • Mark Y: Mark Y is the Green Can "1" SW of Goat Island.   The chart incorrectly places Y at the site of the green bell SE of Goat Island.
  • NptYC Courses from the back of the 1998 South Bay Race Chart.