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Copy an a web site to CD

This technique is implemented using a PC and the autorun works on a PC.

I want to create an autorun CD such that my home page (index.html)
opens up automatically when a user inserts the CD in their computer.

Contents of the CD   Volume Label   Associating an Icon   autorun.inf   References

The contents of the CD

  • autorun.inf (text)
  • icon-name.ico (an icon file)
  • (a command [.bat] file turned into an exe using the free Dos utility BAT2EXEC)
  • default.htm (the counterpart to index.html)
  • The files invoked via default.htm

    Volume Label
    Make sure you set the label for the CD. The label will be displayed along with your icon in the My_Computer window

    Associating an Icon
    You can provide an icon which will be associated with the CD application.
    An icon size of 32x32 and 16 colors works.
    Save it as icon-name.ico.
    There are several icon editors available to create your own icons for the CDROM:

  • PC Magazine's Icon Editor 32 for Windows - Free
  • Axialis   Costs $14 and they let you download a 30-day evaluation copy
  • Microangelo

    This textfile is created with notepad.
    It contains the following:

    The "" file is a batch file that was converted from text to a ".com" file by using the PC Magazine utility BAT2EXEC (an old 16-bit utility qhich runs in a MSDOS window).

    The content of the converted batch file is:

    CMD /x /c start default.htm >NUL
    COMMAND /c start default.htm >NUL

    Comments on the content of